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When I think of Easter, I immediately start singing the Easter bonnet song.  Easter has been associated with wonderful church hats for a very long time, and there are a lot of really great vintage Easter hats available that are still in mint condition. If you are looking for good resources or guides as to what to buy, styles, and how to make vintage style Easter church hats, the books below are a good place to start. You can click through to Amazon to continue the search for excellent resources. However, if you want to actually buy vintage Easter church hats from various vintage eras, Ebay is a great place to start the search.

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Vintage Church Hat Tradition

Easter church hats are very traditional. There was a time in history not so very long ago, when a fashionable woman would not be seen in public without a hat of some type, and certainly not when she dressed up. Church was a place that women would show off their hats during the year, and especially on Easter. This tradition has remained in many cultures. Easter is still a holiday where women wear lovely church hats.

Collecting Vintage Easter Church Hats

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As you can see by the selection of Easter church hats on this page, there are many wonderful Easter styles in vintage hats, and most of them are still in mint condition. This is not surprising because church hats are not worn often, and specialty Easter church hats even less. Most hat collectors and owners take special care of how they pack their hats away, keeping them free of dust and dirt, and fresh looking. Hat colors are not apt to fade when the hat is packaged properly, and most vintage hats still look just as good now as they did when they were first made.

Spring hats are often made of straw, lace, or a combination of the two materials. This is true of both men's and ladies' hats. Straw is a material that is lightweight, making it good for hot weather, breathes allowing air to cool the skin, yet provides shade from the hot sun. Both straw and lace can be dyed to match any dress and shoes can also be made to match. This makes straw a very good material for spring and summer hats.

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The hat to the left is listed as a Vintage Easter Derby Church Hat, which is a style of hats. This particular hat is stunning in both color and style, and would look great for many occasions, not just Easter. This hat truly would wow your friends and family.

Besides the vintage derby hats, other beautiful styles are the wide brimmed hat, clothe, turban, and floppy hat. All of these hat styles are made to be a fashion statement. Since women used to have very long hair and wear it in chignons, wearing hats did not disturb their hairstyle. Now, more women have shorter hair styles that hats will flatten, so you need to make sure that the hat is one that you can wear for several hours.

Be aware that searching for the right hat may take a bit of time. Hats are snapped up quickly online, so if you see one you like, don't wait to buy. You can adjust the size of a hat if it is a little bit too big, but sellers should be able to provide you with inner diameter sizes to help you determine how it will fit.

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